Shop online or in the store 10 times, and you’ll get 10% credit of what you spent in the previous 10 visits on your 11th visit. Credit will be given only for the purchase of products. Gift certificates and cropping fees are specifically excluded.


How it works: Ask for a rewards card on your next visit if you don't already have one.  Then each time you check out, present your rewards card at the counter. One of our staff will calculate and write down the amount spent (pre-tax after any discounts and excluding gift certificate purchases and any fees) for that visit and put your card back in the file. After 10 visits, we will total the amount spent from each of those visits and apply 10% of that total amount as a credit towards your total purchase on your 11th visit (or any visit you choose afterwards).

Online Customers:  To join our rewards program, simply check the box "Add me to the 



  1. Multiple product purchases on the same day count as a single visit. Limit 1 visit per day per customer.

  2. The total credit will be applied to only one purchase.  If your purchase is less than the total credit, the remaining credit will be forfeited.

  3. Only the named person will receive the purchase credit. Friends and family are not permitted to share a rewards card. Credit for purchases are non-transferable to another person or entity.

  4. This program is open to both online and in-person individual customers. Purchases on behalf of an organization are ineligible for credit. Speak to a sales associate to discuss options for discounts or other rewards.

  5. Only product purchases count towards the reward program. Gift certificates and cropping fee purchases are specifically excluded from the credit.

  6. Rewards Program can be discontinued at any time. We will endeavor to provide at least ninety (90 days notice) before the ending of the program.